Visual identity for a new co-working space for artisans and creatives in historic Newmarket Square, Dublin 8.

The design strategy was inspired by the visual and material heritage of the Huguenots, skilled weavers and lacemakers, who stretched their fabric on tenterhooks in nearby tenterfields.

The logo motif blends two stylised tenterhooks with a central square signifying Newmarket Square and the locality. A bespoke pattern, derived from the logo, further unites past with present by reflecting the Huguenots' renowned weaving and lacemaking skills.


Kling Klang

Visual identity for a monthly club 'night of music from another place'. Reflecting the night's musical obsessions, the approach was inspired by the experimental music notation of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis. The typographic treatment is onamatapaeic, representing something of the sounds of the night.


CGI Annual Reports

Print design for the Catholic Guides of Ireland annual reports 2013-2015, one of Ireland's guiding and scouting associations. Each colour in the palette represents each of CGI’s four sections and activity areas. Simple abstract shapes were developed to provide a playful visual language and pattern.


CGI International Handbook

Taking a slightly nostalgic visual approach, this design for a handbook to help CGI members organise and prepare for group travel overseas included the creation of 20 original illustrations, geometric patterns and the linen-embossed over included a pocket for members to keep important documents.